SSLreminder release notes

December 2019

  • Make the table containing domain names render better in responsive mode

November 2019

  • Allow www. prefix in domain name

September 2019

  • Added Filtering feature to the domain names list

July 2019

  • now able to understand more server-side errors, those include
    • server not listening on port 443
    • server is using old or deprecated or unsafe version of SSL
    • server not responding

June 2019

  • introducing pagination
  • minor layout improvements

April 2019

  • Extended checks introduced, including
    • a check if there is an immediate redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
    • a check to ensure the certificate retrieved is issued to the website being checked
    • a check whether the web-server redirects to a correct location if the response contains redirect instructions

Note: this page tracks SSLreminder releases starting from April 2019