SSLreminder release notes

September 2023

  • Introduced the “Customer emails” feature, a new expiration notification mode allowing to enable email delivery for customers. More details and a Q&A section can be found in this blog post

May 2023

  • Added the Notes field feature to Domain names. Adding a description to domain names is now possible using the Edit button.

April 2023

  • Released a minor bug fix that occasionally prevented correct detection of older cipher suites in SSLv3

December 2022

  • Released several bug fixes and user interface improvements

November 2022

  • Released the Sub-domain Autodiscovery feature (accessible from the main menu)
  • Pushed numerous user-reported bug fixes and improvements

July 2022

  • Released a new design for the home page

April 2022

  • Deployed a few minor bug fixes; improved our Digest email (consider giving it a try if you haven’t already)

January 2022

  • We went through a significant software and infrastructure upgrade to offer better website speed and even more reliability. Fun fact: it was a zero-downtime operation
  • Introduced the “Digest email” feature, a new notification mode designed to deliver a daily overview of upcoming SSL/TLS certificate expirations. Here’s a short blog post about it

November 2021

  • Added sorting capability to the domain names table

July 2021

  • Added a “Recheck” button to enable faster sync after a fresh SSL/TLS certificate had been installed. This feature can be found next to every domain name under your account

Please note: this feature can only be triggered once in 3 minutes

  • Introduced support for custom TLS ports. This feature can be found by clicking the Edit button next to a domain name

June 2021

  • Fixed a UI bug: background color for expired certificates was not calculated properly
  • Disabled Log in with LinkedIn, based on low demand for this authentication method

January 2021

  • Introduced Slack integration. After about a month of closed beta-testing, we’re now happy to offer this incredibly useful tool in all plans
  • Using multiple e-mail addresses for notifications is now available in all plans

December 2020

  • Introduced the “Feedback” button to make issue reporting easier
    • it is possible to attach a screenshot to the support request
    • available only within the customer area
  • Fixed several minor bugs to improve wildcard certificate processing and HTTP-to-HTTPS redirection checks

November 2020

  • New feature introduced: turn off notifications delivery to the primary account email
    • to activate this feature, please make sure that one or more additional email addresses are recorded in the Notification preferences section

August 2020

  • Added several UI-related improvements to improve user experience on mobile

December 2019

  • Made the table containing domain names render better in responsive mode

November 2019

  • Allowed www. prefix in the domain name

September 2019

  • Added Filtering feature to the domain names list

July 2019

  • Improved understanding of server-side errors, which include
    • server not listening on port 443
    • server is using an old, deprecated, or unsafe version of SSL
    • server not responding

June 2019

  • Introduced pagination
  • Made minor layout improvements

April 2019

  • Extended checks introduced, including
    • a check if there is an immediate redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
    • a check to ensure the certificate retrieved is issued to the website being checked
    • a check whether the web-server redirects to a correct location if the response contains redirect instructions

Note: this page tracks SSLreminder releases starting from April 2019